2022. január 27. - Sebők Miklós, M. Balázs Ágnes és Molnár Csaba közös tanulmánya a Journal of Public Policy-ben

Tanulmány jelent meg a Journal of Public Policy-ben Sebők Miklós , M Balázs Ágnes, és Molnár Csaba által.

A tanulmány címe Punctuated equilibrium and progressive friction in socialist autocracy, democracy and hybrid regimes.

"The analysis of public policy agendas in comparative politics has been somewhat limited in terms of geography, time frame and political system, with studies on full-blown autocracies and hybrid regimes few and far between. This article addresses this gap by comparing policy dynamics in three Hungarian regimes over 73 years. Besides our theoretical contribution related to policy-making in Socialist autocracy and illiberal democracy, we also test hypotheses related to non-democratic regimes. We find that – similarly to developed democracies – policy agendas in autocracies are mostly stable with occasional but large-scale “punctuations”. Our data also confirms that these punctuations are more pronounced in non-democratic polities."

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