13 December, 2022 - An emotion corpus for research purposes is available on poltextLAB's GitHub

Orsolya Ring and István Üveges created the emotion corpus which is available on the project's GitHub page.

"The (manually annotated) HunEmPoli corpus was built using pre-agenda speeches from the 2014-2018 parliamentary term, and was created within the framework of the Hungarian Comparative Agendas Project (CAP) of the Institute of Political Science of the Centre for Social Science Research, and is freely accessible for research purposes upon registration.

In the course of our research, we created an inductive emotion category system, the categories of which can later be mapped to Plutchik's emotion category system, which distinguishes eight classes and is also convertible to the positive-negative categories used in sentiment analysis. This extended system was necessary because, in our previous experience, sentences in political texts could not be classified into one of the most commonly used Plutchik's category systems for emotion analysis, or only with very low annotator agreement, whereas the extended system allowed the corpus to be annotated with high inter-annotator agreement. In the final annotation guide, a total of 12 so-called emotion topics (ET) were defined, each of which was accompanied by at least three call words or phrases to facilitate the annotators' work."

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