12-13 May, 2023 - poltextLAB at the COMPTEXT 2023 conference

Members of poltextLAB attended a conference of the COMPTEXT international text mining network in Glasgow from 12 to 13 May.

At the COMPTEXT conference, poltextLAB's research was presented at the following presentations:

Miklós Sebők - Amnon Cavari - Ákos Máté:
Assessing the Policy Agenda of U.S. Presidential Speeches - A Sentence-Level Deep Learning Approach

Ákos Máté - Miklós Sebők - Ádám Feldmann:
The last frontier for automated classification in comparative politics? Using multilanguage large language models

Péter Gelányi:
Tipping the scales: A text mining analysis concerning the effects of government influence on online media in Hungary

The conference program is available here.