12 March, 2024 - Miklós Sebők’s presentation at the MILAB LegalTech Meetup on the NLP research at poltextLAB

On 12 March 2024, Miklós Sebők gave a presentation entitled "Analysis of legal regulations with AI-based large language models in the poltextLAB research laboratory” at a professional meeting of the Artifical Intelligence National Laboratory (MILAB) and MONTANA Knowledge Management Ltd. The event’s topic was natural language processing and the possibilities of using large language models in the field of legal text processing. 

The presentations of the 5th MILAB Meetup are available here (in Hungarian): https://mi.nemzetilabor.hu/hu/hirek/sikerrel-lezajlott-az-otodik-milab-meetup-ami-az-mi-es-jog-kerdeskoret-jarta-korbe